We appreciate Pastor Dean Walter from Latham Christian Academy for leading our Fine Arts & Academics Competition this year.


Bethel Christian Academy

Music – Senior High

Brass Solo – Caleb Verdu

Art – Senior High

Crafts – Caleb Verdu


Central Baptist Christian Academy

Art – Junior High

POLYCHROMATIC Drawing – Katie Jones

Monochromatic Drawing – Natasha Lewis

Water Color – Julia Clements

Photography: Animals and People – Kiersten Griffith

Art – Senior High

Polychromatic Drawing:

Amada Diers

Monica Hulburt

Monochromatic Drawing:

Jillian Weintraub

Photography:  Animals and People

Matthew Tripicco

Acrylic Painting – Cerilene Gould

Calligraphy – Samantha Conn

Sculpture – Allie Diers


Hudson View Christian Academy

Bible – Junior High

     JH Bible Teaching – Ashley Vivar

Academics – Junior High

     JH Pre-Algebra – Ashley Vivar

     JH NT Survey – Ashley Vivar

     JH OT Survey – Ashley Vivar

Bible – Senior High

     SH Bible Teaching – Melissa Gallagher

     SH Topical Preaching – Brandon Aponte

     SH Expository Preaching – Joey Vivar

Art – Senior High

     Photography: Still Life – Stephanie Zheng
     Photography: Landscape/Arch – Stephanie Zheng

Academics – Senior High

     SH English – Melissa Gallagher

     SH Biology – Melissa Gallagher

     SH – Physics – Ying Zheng

     SH Algebra/Geometry – Joey Vivar

     SH Spanish – Joey Vivar

     SH World Hist/Geog – Melissa Gallagher

     SH NT Bible Knowledge – Melissa Gallagher

     SHOT Bible Knowledge – Ying Zheng


Latham Christian Academy

Academics – Junior High

JH English – Emily Hadden

JH Science – Emily Hadden

Academics – Senior High

SH Spelling – Joshua Arthur

SH Chemistry – Andrew Galinato

Music – Senior High

Male Vocal Solo – David Arthur

Art – Senior High

    SH Watercolor – Maria Izzi


West Seneca Christian School

Music – Senior High

Large vocal Ensemble

Small Vocal Ensemble

Classical Piano Solo – Hannah Mohr

Speech – Senior High

Oral Interpretation of Scripture

Madeline McCoy

Duet Acting – Olivia Newkirk & Alyssa Tryon


Wilton Baptist Academy

Bible- Junior High

Topical Preaching – Evan Burhans

Music – Junior High

JH Small Vocal Ensemble

JH Instrumental String Solo – Emily Parish

Art – Junior High

Photography: Still Life – Emily Parish

Photography: Landscape/Arch. – Summer Harness

Academics – Junior High

JH Spelling Bea – Evan Burhans

Bible – Senior High

SH Evangelistic Preaching

Matthew Parish

Music – Senior High

SH Female Vocal Solo – Melissa Gallagher

Art – Senior High

Woodworking – Caleb Yancy

Academics – Senior High

SH US History/Geo – Joshua Yancy