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Fine Arts


Fine Arts & Academics – Festival 2013 Winners

Expository Preaching

1st – Devin Lochan


Female Vocal Solo

1st – Iniko Dixon
2nd – Samantha Cole
3rd – Cassandra Jackson

1st – Kimberly Verdu (JH)


Small Vocal Ensemble

1st – International
2nd – West Seneca

1st – West Seneca (JH)


Large Vocal Ensemble

1st – International
2nd – Hudson View


Choral Group

1st – International


SH Spelling Bee

1st – Alyssa Manalo
2nd – Jessica Yancy


JH Spelling Bee

1st – Lexie Fisher
2nd – Joshua Yancy


Religious Reading

1st – Mariah Lee (JH)


Humorous Interpretation

1st – Daniel Vales
2nd – Samuel Lofgren


Oral Interp. of Poetry

1st – Terence Koch
2nd – Phoebe Macaulay

1st – Kimberly Verdu (JH)



1st – Joella Schneider
2nd – Bethany Conover


Duet Acting

1st – T. Koch/D. Vales
2nd – B. Lee/A. Cowles

1st – Ludlow/ Phillips (JH)
2nd – Priest/Taglianetti (JH)
3rd – M. Lee/ L. Fisher (JH)


Classical Piano Solo

1st – Camille Flores
2nd – David Hight
3rd – Abigail Taft


Sacred Piano Solo

1st – Charlene Lam
2nd – Rosalyn McCoy

1st – Hannah Mohr (JH)
2nd – Hailey Wiesmore (JH)


Classical Piano Duet

1st – McCoy/Okupski


Sacred Piano Duet

1st – Lam/Santiago


String Solo

1st – Phoebe Macaulay


Woodwind Solo

1st – Julia Harmon


Acrylic Painting

1st – Mikkailah Calapis


Monochromatic Drawing

1st – Charlene Lam
2nd – Sarah Tucker
3rd – Sarah Camacho

1st – Lydia Priest (JH)
2nd – Sam Perkins (JH)
3rd – Mason Bookamer (JH)


Polychromatic Drawing

1st – Mikkailah Calapis
2nd – Brenna Wynn
3rd – Caitlyn Bendick

1st – Abigail Taglianetti (JH)
2nd – Maura Damon (JH)



1st – Alyssa Manalo


Still Life Photography

1st – Danea Schneider
2nd – Charlene Lam
3rd – Ryan Oquendo

1st – Joshua Arthur (JH)
2nd – Karis Granger (JH)
3rd – Joshua Yancy (JH)


Landscape/Architecture Photography

1st – Charlene Lam
2nd – Ryan Oquendo
3rd – Joella Schneider

1st – Marah Lee (JH)
2nd – Abigail Taglianetti (JH)
3rd – Allison Ludlow (JH)


People/Animal Photography

1st – Charlene Lam
2nd – Andrea Cowles
3rd – Mary Thornton

1st – Tirzah Schneider (JH)
2nd – Matthew Mansfield(JH)
3rd – Lydia Priest (JH)



1st Sam Mansfield



1st – Catherine Ludlow

1st – Kimberly Verdu (JH)